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Daily Necessities Intermediates

Aolisenchem has some popular chemical intermediates. 

Pharmaceutical Intermediates can be produced to API Active Pharmaceutical IngredientsAPI refers to substance or the mixture of it which is going to be used in manufacture of medicine. However, when used in pharmaceuticals, it will become the active ingredient of pharmaceutical. The symptom relief, diagnosis, treatment, or prevention of diseases are affected by these substances with pharmacological activity as well as the function or structure of the body. Therefore, only by making API materials into API materials pharmaceutical preparations, can it be become clinical medicines. However, with the deepening of social division of labor and the progress of production technology, pharmaceutical companies have transferred to chemical companies for production. If you want to know the pharmaceutical intermediates price, please contact with us.

Chemical intermediates with complex structures are often made in conjunction with the final product and small output. Meanwhile, the production mostly uses intermittent operations. 

Some intermediates with a wide range of uses, such as chlorobenzene, phenol, etc., are always produced in comprehensive large-scale chemical plants.

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